Lifestyle Concept Programs

Aiming at the achievement of bodily harmony, namely to ideal bodily weight, combined with the right muscle tissue and bodily fat proportion, have been developed three programs, that function combined, or autonomously.

The designation of the daily needs of diet is obtained with the program "HARMONY", with which the ideal bodily weight and composition are determined, based on the Gender, the Age, the Height, and optionally from the Waist, Neck, and Hip (women) circumferences and/or Skinfold measurements. The ideal bodily weight results from parameters that have relation with the Body Mass Index (ΒΜΙ), the bodily fat and the age for young people (up to 20 years old). The daily caloric needs are determined by the body type and other parameters. They are proposed several alternative composition daily diets.

The daily trophic needs are covered with a flexible composition diet, adapted in the nutritional preferences of each individual, taking into consideration the Hellenic nutritional habits and way of life. The composition of meals is determined according to the caloric needs, but also by the requirements in proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins, and amino-acids. For the composition of meals analysis, the application "NUTRITION" is used.

The adaptation in the ideal bodily weight, except of the diet, is combined essentially with the suitable physical exercise and activity, so that is adapted rightly, i.e. to be decrease the fat and increase the muscular tissue. In the case of muscular tissue reduction, would be influenced negatively the metabolism. For the determination of suitable individually physical exercise and activity, the program "ACTIVITY" is used.

The bodily fat estimation becomes by many methods. In the "FATWEIGH" program is achieved by somatometric data, or by Skinfold measurements, and is applied on adults and children. This program, regarding the estimation, is also contained in the "HARMONY" software.

The group of the above programs (HARMONY, NUTRITION, ACTIVITY, FATWEIGH), has resulted from documented researches of Dr Konstantinos N. Pavlou Sc.D, FAAKPE, in the Medical schools of HARVARD and BOSTON in the U.S.A., in combination with all the current knowledge in the relative subjects.

All these programs are fully developed in Greek and English language, with extensive on-line help. The programs description (operation manuals) are available in PDF form, with analysis manuals examples. The program Adobe Reader® is needed to read or print the operation manuals.
These manuals can freely be printed, stored and distributed.

HARMONY: Bodily Harmony Software

NUTRITION: Nutritional Analysis Software

ACTIVITY: Activities Analysis Software

FATWEIGH: Bodily Fat Estimation Software

The Bodily Harmony software is addressed in gyms, weight control institutes, and generally in professionals with relative work objects. The terms and the cost of use of software are described in the Final User License of Use.

Dr Konstantinos N. Pavlou undertakes personally the treatment of obese, overweight or underweight individual, person with regular weight that wishes ideal proportion of muscle tissue / fat, as well as athlete, after communication.

For more information and clarification you can contact to Dr Konstantinos N. Pavlou Sc.D., FAAKPE (phone 6945 951772).