The College of Sport Sciences and University of Northumbria graduates have the opportunity to follow postgraduate studies at a University of their choice, after having achieved the necessary TOEFL score in their selected course of study.

Graduates of the Athens University and other education academies, who wish to follow postgraduate studies abroad, must inform the secretariat of the College of Sport Sciences in order to achieve the required criteria for enrollment onto the programs of such postgraduate studies abroad;  in addition, to acquire the necessary level of English as well as practice in the use of PC's or any other required course.

College of Science postgraduate programs must have achieved the required grade depending on the department, the required score in the TOEFL examination as well as two reference letters (in English). Foreign students without a good command of English can attend English language courses at the College of Sport Sciences.

Priority will be given to College of Sport Science graduates.

Note: For further information and applications please contact the secretariat at the College of Sport Sciences or fill the information form.